Karen’s Speaking Topics

  Writing Conferences

  • Gift and Devotional Book Writing—Discovering the differences, similarities and possibilities in this market
  • Greeting Card Writing—Overview of the industry, writing styles, and writing tips
  • Children’s Book Writing—tips from publishers and the market for children’s books
  • Non-Fiction Christian Markets and Writing—Whatever the genre, you need to know more about book proposals, markets, and what publishers want

Church Groups/Women’s Groups/Small Groups/Others

  • Jesus Time–the why’s and how-to’s of doing daily devotions–If you tried doing devotions but stopped, if you feel too busy to do daily devotions, or if you’ve never tried it because you don’t know how it can help you…let’s spend time together so you can get back to building your relationship with God
  • What you can do to tell God’s stories–You are the light of the world and that means you may be the only example of God’s love that anyone ever sees. How can you keep telling the story and make a difference in your community?
  •   What it means to live a Heart-Shaped Life–God sees the heart and He understands the motivations of each human being. How can we tap into His desires to shape us into being all that He designed us to be.
  •   What a difference a Word makes! –Based on the What a Great Word series, this talk is about the words we speak, the impact of words and the stories in our heads. We can change everything with just the right word, combined with God’s Word.