And Sometimes You Stub Your Toes

March 28, 2017 in Mini Moments

Last week I had the honor of speaking at a women’s retreat in Florida.  I was very excited about the opportunity and had prepared my talk over and over again.  In fact, this event was supposed to happen last fall, but a hurricane prevented the get-together.  So, I was pleased as my husband and I drove from Nashville to Florida, and apart from one nasty traffic jam, got there in plenty of time. All was well…or so I thought.

Since the event was going to be all day on Wednesday, we drove to the site to set up my book table and to check the sound system and other things on Tuesday afternoon.  It was amazing…great room, nice facility, lovely hosts from the advisory team, perfect!  We had just gotten everything set up and we’re getting ready to go to dinner.  I decided to put all my notes on the platform where I’d speak and then I’d be prepared for the early morning session.  And then it happened.  Yup!  Total embarrassment, total humble pie experience as I tripped off the platform, removed the nail from my big toe and sat horrified while everyone rushed to help me.  Talk about making an impression!

We cleaned up my toe and blushing all the way, I headed off with the team for the dinner.  Everyone was gracious and God took over because my toe never bothered me the whole time I was there speaking the next day.  It didn’t hurt until I actually was driving home and heading back to Nashville.

So, I share this because I realize that no matter how much you prepare for something, you can get surprised by an unexpected event, even one that makes you feel humbled right down to your toes. It was an auspicious start, but the opportunity was not lost as we discussed what it means to be a woman of worth in God’s eyes.  Trust me, your value to God has nothing to do with how well you can navigate your surroundings.  It has everything to do with HIM and His love for you.

Fairway Christian Church ladies, you blessed me beyond measure. I’m going to do my best to stay on my toes.


Rent to Own

February 12, 2015 in Mini Moments

Those of you who have spent any time with me know that I have a great love for putting my ideas into poetic form, so today, I thought I’d share this piece that serves as a continual reminder to me, to stay closely in touch with the things that matter to my heart.  See if this one resonates a little bit with you.


Rent to Own

“Rent to own” the square sign read

Posted on the door,

Blackened letters on some wood

With no need to say more.

It once had been a cozy house,

The picket fence was new,

And from the porch when tea was served,

It offered quite a view.

The rooms hugged all the laughter

Of friends who came to call

And I could just imagine

Children running through the hall.

But that was once upon a time,

A story line now spent

And so the house was beckoning

For one to own or rent.

It made me wonder just a bit

How it is we choose

The things that we might rent in life

And those we simply lose.

How do we ever find the key

To fit the things we’ve known,

How do we ever understand

What to rent and what to own?

The house just begged the question,

“How much will you commit?

Will you stay a lifetime here

Or for just a little bit?”

We often choose to wander

And go through this world alone

As though we’re simply renting life

With nothing we should own.

It’s not about the signpost

Or the houses where we sleep,

It’s all about just knowing

The things we’re meant to keep.

We’re meant to keep warm memories

And to share in love’s embrace,

And we’re meant to know we live each day

In God’s eternal grace.

So go ahead and rent the house,

Or buy it for a season,

But own the way your heart lives there

And let love be the reason.

Hope everything you own in life brings you enormous joy today and let’s own our love for each other.  Yes, I’ll buy that!

turning up the lightpsd






In Praise of Mothers

May 8, 2013 in Mini Moments

Mother’s Day is about to celebrate its 99th official year as a notable holiday honoring the efforts of mothers everywhere.  Woodrow Wilson signed the bill that created the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day in 1914.  Though perfect mothers may not exist, most of us realize how much influence a nurturing and loving mother has on our lives.  When Winston Churchill was being asked to list the teachers who had influenced him the most, he said he didn’t want to forget the most important one of all, his mother.  Even Abraham Lincoln noted that he owed all that he was to his honorable mother.

Safe to say that mothers are not all created equally, but the gifts of good mothers are never-ending for these are the women, who taught us things like…

showing respect to others

seeking our own potential to become all that we could be

thinking twice before acting

finding the joy of stretching our imaginations

how to be a good friend

the blessing of thoughtfulness

importance of faith and having a strong spirit

kindness and gentleness

appreciation for all living things

finding the joy in little moments…


The list could go on and on,and you too have a list that you could create of those positive things you observed or learned from the woman who gave you life.  This is a great week to offer some thanks and praise to your one and only mom, the one who helped you become the person you are today.  It’s interesting how few positive and loving quotes exist to describe mothers, but I love the idea that we have words in our vocabulary that attribute the ideals of motherhood when we speak of “Mother Earth” or even the brains behind a computer contained on a “motherboard.”  For all the women who have given you a sense of what it means to be a loving mother, return the favor and send them a little love.

After all, you’re never too old to appreciate those little things only a mom can do.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women out there who strive to raise children to become accomplished and contributing adults.




The Frog in the Bathroom

April 12, 2013 in Mini Moments

First of all, let me apologize for my woeful presence here lately.  I’ve been engaged in writing several books at once.  I’m winding up some of those projects and wanted to get back to you today because I have an interesting dilemma.  Currently, there’s a frog in my bathroom!  Yes, a frog!  I’m not sure how he got in there, but it appears he has magical qualities and can virtually fly from one space to another, so I didn’t stay long for a chat.  When I discovered his tiny presence in the toilet bowel of all places, I was a bit stunned.  Fortunately, I saw him from a distance.  Thinking I might just hit the lever and send him back out into the world or wherever the water drains into, I thought I could remedy the problem quickly.  That’s when I learned he could fly.  In an instant, he was on the opposite wall from the commode, and thus started our dance to see whether the frog or the princess would win the day.  Alas, failing several moves that I’d prefer not to share, let me say, that somewhere in my dressing room closet, there is now a petite flying frog.  I’ve closed the door for the moment.  It may turn out that I have to wear the same outfit for several days until I get brave enough to peek back in there.

One never anticipates a frog showing up in the bathroom.  I live in Florida, so I do sometimes find little creatures scurrying across the floor, but thankfully, that is a rare occurrence.  Perhaps the lesson in this is that we can not always anticipate what comes next.  We might find ourselves totally dumbfounded or blind-sided.  I don’t know yet how this story will end, though Kermit might have some ideas for me.  I don’t know if God answers prayers about flying frogs in your bathroom, but when faced with any dilemma, especially one that is so out of my comfort level, I have no choice, but to ask God to deal with his little creature.  Whether he thinks that’s me or the frog doesn’t really matter.  All I know is that when I’m faced with big things or little flying things, I have to hope God has a solution.

Of course, if any of you know how to get a flying frog out of my closet, and maybe get him to join a circus, well, then I would appreciate your thoughts.

Hope you’re all doing well.  I will be visiting with you here a bit more often now.

Much joy to you today.


Your Spring Break!

March 17, 2013 in Mini Moments

Remember when you couldn’t wait for Spring Break?  Perhaps your parents had made plans to take you to Disney World when you were a kid, or your friends were heading to Florida beaches when you were in college.  Regardless of the plan or the destination, there’s something powerful about looking forward to taking a break.  Most of us work too hard, too much, and to the place of sheer exhaustion.  Even if we love our work, we can find it overwhelming and never ending and before we know it, something we do with a spirit of resignation, or as that thing we do that feels like we have  no choice in the matter.  If any of that sounds like you, here’s a thought for you today…take a break!

Oh sure, you’re first thought is something like, “Are you kidding?  Have you seen my calendar?  I can hardly manage to complete all my tasks now.  How can I take a break?”  Let’s consider some ways to take a break, even momentary breaks that you may not yet have thought about.  After all, taking a break is far better than breaking down…right?

Consider these:

  • Take an unplanned afternoon off.  Work like crazy all morning and then step out into the world, leave the work behind and go.
  • Take a long lunch with a friend.  Don’t talk about work.  Just laugh and relax.
  • Take a half hour break with God.  Sit with your greatest friend in the universe and talk about everything.  It’ll put more spring in your step right away.
  • Do something totally different from what you do each day.  Volunteer somewhere.  Step out of your world and rejuvenate the spirits of others.
  • Take fifteen minute just for you breaks.  Rest, be intentional in your efforts to quiet your mind and think great thoughts.  Reread Philippians 4:8.
  • Call a friend, laugh, make a plan for later in the week and give yourself something to look forward to.
  • Clean…yes, spring cleaning is an adage, but it’s also a good way to get rid of the clutter in your life.  You know the areas that  might need cleaning out.  If you need to sweep out some of the clutter in your mind, that’s a good idea too.
  • Plant something.  Gather some little pots and plant some herbs or go through magazines and start making plans for your garden.  When the earth comes back to life and starts growing again, it gives you reason to grow too.

Take a long walk at lunch time.  Make an entry in your journal. Take a nap.  Give yourself the gift of time.

Give yourself a break.  It will be a blessing to you and everyone around you.  After all, it’s good to lighten the load and you were only meant to carry that load for one day at a time.

God knows how hard you work, but even He rested from His labors.  Now, come on down to Florida.  I’ll keep the coffee pot on for you.



The Infinite Color of Love

March 7, 2013 in Mini Moments

Last month, I had the fabulous opportunity to share some stories with an incredible group of women, about 125 or so.  It didn’t take long for all of us to embrace our connections and recognize the joy we had in common.  No matter where we travel in this world, or how much we might think we’re all alone on this planet, events like The Colors of His Love conference bring it all back, serving as a reminder that there are many who share our beliefs.  In this case, we shared and cried and laughed out loud.  We hugged and prayed and ate glorious food.  LaTan Murphy, in the center of this photo, organized the conference with a dynamic and loving group of women.  Thanks to all of them, many of us left Raleigh renewed and inspired.  What a gift!

Matthew 12:35 says, “Good people have good things in their hearts, and so they say good things.”   Well, this event was full of good things and inspired words.  This was a group well armed with love, and praise and beautiful things to share.  Everyone spoke from the heart.  I share this experience as a reminder to you and to me that what we do is important, that is, what we do to encourage, to love, to comfort, and to bless each other is our primary work.  All the other things we do are good, but they don’t turn up the light quite as much as when we simply love each other right where we are.  As you look around today, remember that you are always reflecting the Colors of God’s Love.  Your kind words and tender mercies are needed by all who meet you as you go about your business.  The beautiful thing is this, you can’t run out of love…the more you give…the more your supply increases.  Infinite love surrounds you…embrace it today!


Of Hopes and Hearts

February 12, 2013 in Mini Moments

Thought I’d share a piece from my Wellspring devotional today just to nudge your heart into smiles.  Here you go…


Daily Walk


A smile and frown

Walk in the rain,

One with great joy,

One just to complain.

The smile draws light

From the good things about,

While the frown sees the shadows

That only cast doubt.

They pause for a moment

On reaching the town…

The smile looks UP,

And the frown looks DOWN!


As you walk around today, check to see where your heart is looking and how you intend to face the day.  If you pass a smile on the street, send one back.  If you pass a frown, offer a little light and joy, and even say a prayer.  You might just be somebody’s sunshine today.  Now that’s a happy thought!  Keep smiling!


A Call to Love

January 8, 2013 in Mini Moments


I’m writing a new book called Heartstrings and this piece fell out of my brain in the process.  In case you haven’t made all your New Year’s resolutions yet, I thought I’d share this poem.  Big love to all of you as we start another year!

A Call to Love

I walked along the path of life,

Feeling rather small,

When the King of all the Universe

Stopped me with His call.

He said, “I have some work to do

And so you came to mind,

I need someone to light the way

For those who are still blind.

I think you’d do the job quite well,

But I’ll give you the choice,

You can stay on your own path

Or listen to my voice.”

So, then and there, I changed my course…

Sharing light and standing tall,

To bring God’s love to others

In answer to His call.

Karen Moore


Where Do I Go?

September 24, 2011 in Mini Moments

Sometimes life is so full of obstacles you start to wonder if God really sees you any more, if He knows you’re still there.  This poem is a reflection of that idea and I offer it to any of you who may go through those moments.  I hope it ministers to you in some way today.

Where Do I Go?

            A poem by Karen


Where do I

When I don’t know

Just what to

When I’ve
stayed still

Seeking Your

Without a

Where do I

When life is

Out of

When nothing’s

And there’s
no light

To fill my

Where do I

When I’m so

That I feel

When I’m

Life seems

And so

Where do I

Each time I’m

To see the

When in my

I’ve done my

In faith to

Where do I

When it’s
all no

Without a

When it’s
not clear

How you
might steer

Me to

Where do I

I go to You,
my life and love,

I go to You,
my Savior dear,

My Lord

I go to You
no matter what,

In life

For only You can see me through

My web of

I go to You
because you know me

Inside out,

I go to You
because you love me


I go to You because
in time

We’ll share
the story

Of all we witnessed in this life

That brought
You glory.

Where do I

When I don’t

Just what to

I set my

On Your
great light

To see me

I pray for all of us that we keep setting our sights on the One who loves us more than anything.  My love to you today.




On the Edge…of Another Birthday

July 3, 2011 in Mini Moments

Oh, it’s that time again when the birthday fairy comes along and plops another big candle down into the middle of my life.  “Yup,” she says, “there’s no getting around it, you’ve just spent another year!”  Yipes!  She could be a little kinder.  I mean she could say that I’ve just completed a fabulous year and that my journey continues and with a little bit of faith, it will be an extraordinary year.  She could, but she’s just a little imagination fairy so what does she know.

I don’t know about you but every birthday for about the last ten, maybe fifteen has come with some fear and trepidation.  I’m on the edge of my seat wondering if I’m on the edge of my life or the edge of my destiny.  Whatever it is, it feels like an edge and whether you get to the edge and simply fall over it, or get there and sprout wings to fly, I’m not sure.

What I do know for sure though is that having a birthday isn’t about your age, it’s about celebrating the person you’ve become.  It’s about being on the edge of new possibility, of even greater wisdom and understanding, and about realizing you’ve come far enough to actually have a sense of where you’re going and what God wants from you.  You’re on the living edge of wonderful.

Sometimes when I’m facing the mirror and wondering if I’ll be able to tell that girl who still lives in there that she’s  okay, I have to smile at God’s sense of humor.  He gave us these bodies that have a mind of their own, changing, growing, carrying us around and yet, inside, the ageless person you are still exists, still looks out at the world and with child-like faith believes in every good thing, sometimes even in a little pixie dust.

When I think of all the people I’ve known that I would dearly love to still have around, who left this planet much sooner than would have been my preference, then I think having a birthday isn’t so bad.  Of course in my case, I was born on the Fourth of July so I guess I get to have massive celebrations with my country.  I kind of think that’s God’s sense of humor too.  After all, he knows how fascinated I am by fireworks and how blessed I feel to live in a place that allows me to freely love him in any way I choose.

So,  okay, blow out a candle for me wherever you are because I’m getting ready to open the gift of another year.  I can hardly wait to see how this chapter is going to develop.  The Author of my life is so Creative!!